Photos by Sylvia Rose

Between the buzz of busy life lie these sweet spots; these incredible moments of emotion and connection. The way he throws his head back when he laughs, they way she yawns and stretches so perfectly, his perfectly plump rosy cheeks. These sweet moments come and go each day and sometimes they are hard to remember in every detail. This is the good stuff; the glue... maybe these moments are what tie us together. As a photographer, it is my goal and my passion to present artful, documentary style imagery with natural and organic interactions so that those sweet spots can live here with us. There will be a time in the future when we want a ticket back to now. There are times presently that we want a way to get back to “then.” That is the magic of photos- they are the way we can breathe in and play out these moments of a life journey well enjoyed.

When I am not taking and editing photos, I enjoy painting for my Etsy shop, trying new creative activities, and loving on my beautiful children, Della and Oliver.